COVID-19 is Destroying Minority Communities

COVID-19 and the response mitigation strategies are disproportionately impacting our minority communities. Those of us who find ourselves inconvenienced only by the grocery store being out of bread, the lack of televised sports, and being forced to wear a mask (the privileged) should take notice of those among us teetering on the brink of homelessness. … Continue reading COVID-19 is Destroying Minority Communities

Kyle Larson and the Virus of Racism.

Kyle Larson is a NASCAR driver. Kyle Larson said the N-word last weekend on a broadcast. Whether you are offended and upset, you aren’t surprised at all, or you think, “We should move on” (I’ll address that later), we should talk about it. It matters. Anytime that word is said, it matters. More importantly, how … Continue reading Kyle Larson and the Virus of Racism.